Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 27th October 2015

Present: John Metcalf (Chair), Ian Gregory (Minutes), Cathy Wilkins (WHBC), Roger Bangs (Spokes), Chris Whitehouse (WelHatCycling)

  1. Apologies for absence: Robert Jones, John Shead, Tina Filby

  2. Introductions

  3. Minutes of meeting held 14th July 2015 were approved

  4. Matters arising:

    STACC have produced a draft document of schemes in their area for Space For Cycling

    No progress on revision of Roads in Hertfordshire.

    RB suggested that when creating new cycling infrastructure shared use should be a last resort, JM agreed

    STACC have given feedback on the new Hertfordshire Recreational Cycle Map for the next revision, others should do the same Action All

    Ownership of Cycle Routes document has not been checked with Dan Tancock Action IG

  5. Space for Cycling campaign

    WelHatCycling has produced a "quick wins" document, STACC wants to do the same and Spokes could do so too

  6. County Council issues

    1. Still want to get Roads in Hertfordshire document updated to take account of DfT commendation of the TfL and Welsh design standards for cycling. A first step would be to read and compare the three documents Action All

      Should suggest to Dan Tancock that this be discussed at the next Hertfordshire Cycle Forum and that one option would be for Hertfordshire to adopt the Welsh standards Action JM

    2. How to influence HCC

      CWH suggested a presentation to show to councillors to convince them of the benefits of investing in cycling. Apparently CycleNation produced a CD

      Could try to influence standards or particular schemes

      Funding opportunities - Highway Locality Budget (HLB), Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), Section 106

      The HCC Highways Forward Works Program (FWP) is the list of schemes being developed for future years. See Highways Works Programmes for details including key contact officers

    3. Maintenance of cycle paths and routes

      CWH has been writing to Terry Douris about the cycle path alongside the A414 which is in places down to less than half its original width. JM suggested he copy in Stephen Giles-Medhurst and David Andrews

      There was a suggestion of having somewhere on our website for photos of neglected routes. It might make more sense to post them on our blog

      Someone asked whether Ringway are inspecting routes alongside highways. It is important to keep reporting problems

    4. HCC Cycle Forum

      RB is concerned that the Cycle Forum has become more about sport/leisure cycling than utility cycling

      Suggested topics for next forum included promoting courtesy on shared routes and roads, cycle awareness training for drivers and design standards for cycling (see 6 a)

    5. Stakeholder engagement event for Hertfordshire Transport Vision 2050

      View and comment Action All

  7. CycleHerts website and mailing list

    IG suggested moving the existing discussion list to a new address and creating a separate announcement list. Investigate further Action IG

    There is a List of Cycling Groups on our website. Jez Cox may know of others which should be added Action IG

  8. Closure of level crossings in Hertfordshire

    Peter Bate of Sustrans has experience dealing with issues arising from closures and is willing to advise

  9. Local Economic Partnership (LEP) funding for cycling

    JM has looked at a document called Investing in cycling and walking: the economic case for action. This could be summarised and presented to the LEP Action JM

  10. Reports on meetings and events - none

  11. Finance report

    CWH wrote a check to Ian Gregory for £21.50 to cover domain registration for 5 years

    We have about £130 left in the bank account

  12. Any other business

    November 21-28 is Sustainable St Albans Week

    What is happening next year with skyrides? Will local organisations take over? Should the council provide rides?

  13. Dates of future meetings

    It was agreed to keep having quarterly meetings on Tuesdays with the next one being around the end of January or the start of February Action IG

    When CWI retires we probably won't be able to meet at Campus East. We could meet at St Albans Council offices instead