Minutes of meeting/AGM held Tuesday 1st November 2016

Present: John Metcalf (Chair), Roger Bangs (Spokes), Ian Gregory (WelHatCycling, Minutes), Robert Jones (CTC Stort Valley)

  1. Apologies for absence: Tina Filby, John Shead

  2. Introductions

  3. Minutes of meeting held 23rd August 2016 were approved

  4. AGM Business

    Existing officers agreed to continue in their current roles:

  5. Bank account signatures

    As Adam Edwards has not been an officer for some time it was agreed that he would be removed from the list of bank account signatories to be replaced by Ian Gregory - Action CW

  6. Matters arising

    At our last meeting Odette Carter agreed to send us some sort of organisational chart of HCC personnel with responsibilities that connect with cycling. This has not been received yet and needs to be chased up - Action IG

    No progress has been made regarding the crossing of the A405 south of the Noke Hotel

    There was a discussion about the availability of cycle maps. We have a list of online maps and mapping applications on our website but people were interested in the availability of printed maps. It was suggested that they should be available in libraries, tourist information offices etc and that we should ask Odette about this - Action IG

  7. Cyclenation/Cycling UK campaigners conference, 19th November in St Albans

  8. Space for Cycling

    JM has read the revised document Space for Cycling; a guide for decision makers and says it is much "punchier" than the old one. STACC contacted and received 20 copies, other local groups could do the same.

    There was some discussion about how to use the document in the run-up to council elections in May 2017, looking at how it relates to the government's Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy as well as the Hertfordshire Transport Vision 2050 consultation.

  9. HCC Cycle Forum

    Odette has indicated that the next Cycle Forum could focus on revision of the Roads in Hertfordshire document (though Cycling UK are pressing DOT to issue national design standards). We should ask her to let us know the date - Action IG

    We should point out that the Hertfordshire Cycling page on the HCC website has out of date information - Action IG

  10. Vegetation clearance on on cycletracks and footways

    JM has been following up about the overgrown footway near Lyon Way on the A1057. He has asked Odette for a copy of the countywide clearance program and she has forwarded the request to Ringway. We agreed to suggest vegetation management as a topic for a future Cycle Forum. CW got a reply from Terry Douris on the subject and will forward it to JM - Action CW

    There was some discussion about the possibility of Countryside Management Service coordinating volunteer clearance on cycletracks in the same way that Sustrans does for the National Cycle Network. It is worth looking into - Action CW

  11. West Midlands Police close passing initiative

    Cycling groups have praised West Midlands Police for becoming the first force in the country to proactively target close pass drivers who endanger cyclists. Operation Close Pass was featured on The One Show. Cambridge, North Wales and Camden look set to follow and it was agreed that we should ask Hertfordshire Constabulary to join them. JM will write to the Police and Crime Commissioner on behalf of CycleHerts, copying in Rona Wightman, RB and CW who will then write letters on behalf of STACC, Spokes and WelHatCycling - Action JM, RB, CW

    RB mentioned that HCC Vulnerable Road Users Unit had won an award from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport [it was actually the Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership which won a CILT award for vulnerable road users safety - see list of winners].

  12. HCC Transport Vision 2050

    JM will respond to consultation on behalf of STACC and CycleHerts - Action JM

    We should try to make sure that whoever is running the consultation has a copy of the Space for Cycling document.

  13. Consultation on Local Plans

    IG reported that several WelHatCycling members had responded to the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan consultation.

    Development of the Rail Freight Interchange would result in the creation of a country park with rights of way. There was concern that one or more proposed bridleways are to be downgraded to footpaths. Phil Escrit is looking at this.

  14. HCC cycling schemes and schemes with a cycling element

    On the HCC website the page for Highways Future Planned Works has a broken link to a Divisional Information List. We should inform Odette - Action IG

  15. Forthcoming Meetings and Events

    CycleHerts 2017 meeting dates were discussed. Tuesdays and Thursdays seemed to best for most people and we decided to alternate so that those who can't do one or other can at least attend every other meeting. We agreed to start meetings at 19:30 instead of 19:00 and decided to vary the location. The following provisional dates were chosen:

  16. Reports on meetings and events

    RB went to an event in Hemel Hempstead run by Sustrans for the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Odette was there.

  17. Finance report

    No report received but there has been no income or expenditure since October last year.

  18. Any other business

    RJ raised an issue on behalf of Jim Brown of Stevenage and North Herts CTC. Apparently the new LED street lighting is more focused, and does not properly illuminate the cycleways. With the accelerating adoption of LED lighting he wonders whether this problem is occurring elsewhere and if so whether it is being discussed at a national level.