Minutes of meeting held Thursday 3rd August 2017

Present: John Metcalf (STACC, Chair), Roger Bangs (Spokes, Deputy Chair), Ian Gregory (WelHatCycling, Secretary, Minutes), Chris Whitehouse (WelHatCycling, Treasurer), Odette Carter (HCC), Robert Jones (CTC Stort Valley)

  1. Apologies for Absence

    Nick Truran, Jim Brown, Tina Filby, John Shead, Rajesh Kungur

  2. Introductions

  3. Minutes of meeting held 9th May 2017 were approved.

  4. Matters Arising

    Cyclenation forum has about 20 contributors. JM will post round details of Cyclenation/Cycling UK conference in Oxford on 10-11 November - Action JM

    Cyclenation administration is very poor; they don't update the website and don't keep member groups informed.

  5. Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

    OC had not heard anything about HCC's bid for technical support for Stevenage.

    Broxbourne Borough Council is developing a Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plan (LCWIP).

    Three Rivers and Watford have expressed interest, they want to do separate strategies but it would make sense for them to co-operate on a single strategy

    Discussed Space for Cycling cycle network plans in Hertfordshire.

    UCL Cycling at Teatime meeting was about Kingston and Enfield mini-Hollands, next one is about TfL Propensity to Cycle tool.

    JM has not yet written to cabinet members about LCWIPs

  6. Air Pollution

    CW reported that there is a new permanent nitrogen detector at the Red Lion traffic lights in Hatfield.

    JM observed that the government is acting illegally regarding air pollution. Air pollution responsibility lies with district councils but action is also needed at county and central government level. OC is not involved with air pollution issues but will find out which panel any report has gone to - Action OC

    JM reported that St Albans is encouraging drivers to turn off engines when parked and when waiting more than a minute at junctions.

  7. Dacorum Cycle Hub

    The Dacorum hub is up and running with help from the Watford hub. There will be an event on Tuesday, JM plans to be there. Discussed how to get a campaigning group going in Hemel.

  8. Close Passing Initiative

    Herts Police has set up an online form to report non-emergency anti-social, careless or reckless driving.

    JM suggested we invite someone to talk about the use of helmet cams.

  9. HCC Speed Management Strategy

    Under the HCC Speed Management Strategy 20 mph limits are not normally considered for A or B roads. Although DfT says that average speed cameras are a useful tool for speed Management HCC Speed Management Strategy says that average speed cameras will not be deployed purely as a speed reduction measure.

    JM to contact Councillor Sangster and the Police and Crime Commissioner to discuss speed Management Strategy - Action JM

  10. Vegetation Clearance

    RB reported that most of the Ebury way has been cleared, but not the Rickmansworth end (surfacing is bad at Rickmansworth end too). OC said that Groundwork Hertfordshire are paid to do it. RB asked who owns it and OC said she will look into it - Action OC

  11. Revision of Roads in Hertfordshire Highway Design Guide

    Carry Forward.

  12. HCC Cycle Forum

    OC thought there might be a meeting about Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy in October or November.

  13. Forthcoming Meetings and Events

    RJ might go to the Cycling UK conference in Birmingham.

    RB and JM might go to the Cyclenation annual conference in Oxford.

  14. Reports on Meetings and Events

    CW looked at WGC Town Centre plans including plans for Stonehills.

    JM looked at plans for an early release scheme for cyclists at the traffic lights at Clarence Park in St Albans.

  15. Finance Report

    CW reported that we have £96 left in our bank account.

  16. Any Other Business

    OC recommended "Bike Nation - How Cycling Can Save the World" by Peter walker.

  17. Dates of Future Meetings

    Next meeting 7th November 2017.

    RB suggested we avoid having a meeting in August.

    Dates of 2018 meetings to be decided.