Minutes of meeting held Thursday 1st February 2018

Present: John Metcalf (STACC, Chair), David Andrews (HCC and East Herts Councillor), Steve Brazier (STACC), Roger bangs (Spokes, Deputy Chair), Odette Carter (HCC), Nick Clarke (STACC), Michael Melnyczuk (Sustrans)

  1. Apologies for Absence - Nick Truran (HCC)

  2. Introductions

  3. Minutes of meeting held 7th November 2017 were approved

  4. Matters Arising

    Nothing that is not on the agenda.

  5. Michael Melnyczuk, Sustrans Engineer. Welcome and introduction

    MM is a senior Sustrans infrastructure engineer who covers Hertfordshire and the adjoining counties north as far as Nottinghamshire and east to Norfolk and Suffolk. In the last year Sustrans has undergone a restructuring of their English regional areas to form 3 larger regions rather than 8 smaller ones. Sustrans has recently conducted an audit of the National Cycle Network, the data is currently being analysed and results are to be made public in April/May 2018.

    JM asked MM how to go about re-routing NCN 6 through St Albans, taking advantage of the Green Ring etc. MM said that would be something to talk to Peter Bate about.

    RB raised the issue of the poor condition of NCN 6 at Rickmansworth Aquadrome and asked whether Sustrans could help address this. MM said not with money but they could coordinate with Spokes. OC thought maybe Groundwork could do the work. DA reminded us that county councillors can spend up to 90k each from the highways locality budget.

    OC said that CMS have been commissioned by Dacorum Borough Council to create a Greenspace Action Plan for the Nicky Line

  6. Hertfordshire's local travel plan LTP4

    WelHatCycling and STACC both responded to the LTP4 consultation and JM responded on behalf of CycleHerts. These responses were largely positive but there is concern that worthy sentiment may not translate into action. The consultation ended on January 23rd and LTP4 is due to be adopted in Spring 2018.

    DA read out a letter which he had sent to highways regarding works on the A602 which were recently approved. The plans do not conform to LTP4, although highways consider that they can ignore that because LTP4 has not yet been adopted. Where the path of a road is altered there could be an opportunity to use the old carriageway as a cycleway but it seems this has not been considered. Highways said that since they are not promoting the A602 as a cycle route they don't have to consider the needs of cyclists - even though many have no alternative route. Jon Crosby of South Herts CTC was present at the planning meeting and gave a presentation (slides).

  7. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans

    OC said that for a bid to be successful it should involve HCC as well as the borough council. HCC supported Stevenage in their successful bid and hope to support them in carrying out the work.

    There was a discussion about the lack of use of Stevenage cycling infrastructure, including issues with new LED street lights.

  8. HCC Speed Management Strategy

    This is likely to be reviewed as one of the daughter documents to LTP4

    A scheme was turned down in Harpenden because of opposition to speed humps.

    DA wrote to the PCC and Chief Constable complaining about insufficient officers policing our roads. JM asked him to send us a copy of the letter - Action DA

  9. Vegetation Clearance Programme

    Overgrown vegetation is an ongoing issue and little if any progress has been made.

    NC mentioned overgrown paths in St Albans

    DA suggested using marker paint to highlight problems in addition to reporting them on the highway fault reporting website.

  10. Close Passing Initiative

    In December Jon Crosby wrote to the PCC asking whether there were plans to run a close passing initiative and he received a reasonably positive reply. He thought maybe we could suggest locations where close passing is a particular problem and has been compiling suggestions on this map.

  11. HCC Cycle Forum

    OC Said that no subject or date has been planned.

  12. Healthy Streets

    OC said that the public health team is looking at the healthy streets approach in connection with sustainable travel towns.

    JM said STACC is planning a public meeting about healthy streets this summer.

  13. Cycle Hubs in Hertfordshire

    Cycle hubs are being considered for Stevenage and Hertford.

    IG suggested Stanborough as a natural place for a cycle hub, being on the route of the proposed Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor and equally accessible from Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City.

    DA suggested pop-up cycle hubs in empty shops.

  14. Revision of Roads in Hertfordshire highway design guide

    OC confirmed that Huw Hamer is working on the cycling chapter.

  15. Forthcoming Meetings and Events

    Sustainable St Albans Week is 21-29 April and will feature a one day Know How Festival sharing practical skills including basic cycle maintenance and safety.

    Spokes will have a Stall at the Rickmansworth Festival on 19th and 20th May.

  16. Reports on proposals, meetings and events

    None received

  17. Finance Report

    Treasurer not present to give report

  18. Any Other Business

    JM suggested getting round a table to make corrections to the latest Hertfordshire recreational cycling map. He said he would ask Nick Truran to organise something - Action JM

    The meeting room at Hatfield fire station has been provisionally booked for the remainder of our 2018 meetings. IG asked whether we should consider venues elsewhere in the county but Hatfield was still thought to be a good location.

  19. The next CycleHerts meeting will be the AGM at 7.30pm on Thursday 19th April at Hatfield Fire Station