Minutes of meeting held Thursday 25th October 2018

Present: John Metcalf (STACC, Chair), Ian Gregory (WelHatCycling, Secretary, Minutes), Roger Bangs (Spokes, Deputy Chair), Nick Truran (HCC), Michael Melnyczuk (Sustrans), Kate Jenkins (Watford Cycle Hub), Steve Brazier (STACC)

  1. Apologies for Absence - Teresa and Nick Clarke, Robert Jones, Chris Whitehouse, Odette Carter

  2. Introductions

  3. Additional Agenda Items - None

  4. Minutes of meeting held 19th July 2018 were approved

  5. Matters arising - None

  6. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs)

    Stevenage has already received help. NT reported that other plans are in the pipeline but he can't give details yet.

  7. Revision of Roads in Hertfordshire highway design guide

    In May this year DfT appointed WSP to revise and update its cycling infrastructure guidance.

    NT reported that HCC is revising its design guidance from top to bottom. He has seen some of the work in progress and says that it is positive for cycling.

  8. Growth and Transport Plans

    JM submitted a CycleHerts response to the South West Herts Growth and Transport Plan consultation which closed on 21st September.

    JM objected to the description of St Albans as good for Cycling. RB responded both individually and on behalf of Spokes and said that he thought it was a mixed bag. One positive was that it included a scheme in Rickmansworth which had been desired for years.

    A presentation by Rupert Thacker gave an approximate timetable for all five Growth and Transport Plans - South West was the first (2016/17) then North Central and South Central (2017/18) and finally South East and Eastern (2018/19).

  9. Close Passing Initiative - Operation Velo

    NT reported that there had been server problems affecting use of Flic buttons for reporting close passes. Operations are data driven, reflecting where close passes are being reported. There are plans for a scheme in which anyone could buy a button and register.

    NT also reported that there is a new head of road policing and that The Highway Code is being re-written.

  10. The Case for Cycling in St Albans

    JM has written a report on The Case For Cycling in St Albans, modelled on Andrew Gilligan's report to the National Infrastructure Commission. He sent his draft CycleHerts members along with the agenda for this meeting. RB had read it and although he thought it was "a bit over the top" he said he broadly supported it. JM has asked for comments and amendments - Action All

  11. Healthy Streets, Active Mobility, Air Pollution and Health

    Nothing to report

  12. Cyclenation

    JM said that he has stopped receiving emails from Cyclenation. Last he heard they were proposing a conference in Birmingham on Saturday 24th November with Low Traffic Neighbourhoods as the main theme.

  13. Vegetation Clearance

    NT said that we are still waiting for vegetation to be cleared near the Cottonmill crossing.

  14. Cycle Hubs

    KJ gave a comprehensive report on the Hertfordshire Cycle Hubs that she has been involved in setting up. IG suggested listing all the hubs on a a page on the CycleHerts website. KJ agreed that would be a good idea, although there is already work going on to rationalise the existing Cycle Hub websites.

  15. Sustrans review of the National Cycle Network

    [The review report called Paths for Everyone was launched on 12th November]

    MM said that as a result of the review a number of pilot projects have been chosen and these will become a standard for the rest of the network MM agreed to give a presentation about the review at a future CycleHerts meeting.

  16. Reports on Proposals, Meetings and Events

    NT said that a budget has been committed for the new Hertfordshire Recreational Cycling Map with a March 2019 deadline. On the border of the new map there will be URLs for obtaining maps of adjoining areas. There will be new zoom-ins of Bishops Stortford and Royston. He will invite two people from each campaign group to look at a draft version with a view to making corrections and suggestions. KJ requested that a larger version of the map be made available to display on the walls of Cycle Hubs.

  17. Forthcoming Meetings and Events

  18. Finance, Publicity and Website

    JM said that the Treasurer had reported no income or expenditure

    IG had nothing to report on publicity or website

  19. Any Other Business - None

  20. Dates of Future Meetings

    The following Thursdays were chosen for our 2019 meetings:

    It is proposed that meetings continue to be at 7.30pm. IG will book the community room at Tesco, AL9 5JY if it is available. If not then a fall-back option is St Albans Council Offices - Action IG