Minutes of meeting/AGM held Thursday 4th April 2019

Present: John Metcalf (STACC, Chair), Roger Bangs (Spokes, Deputy Chair), Ian Gregory (WelHatCycling, Secretary, Minutes), Steve Brazier (STACC), Robert Jones (CTC Stort Valley), Nick Truran (HCC), Odette Carter (HCC)

  1. Apologies for absence - Chris Whitehouse, Nick Clarke, Michael Melnyczuk, Graham Trent

  2. Introductions

  3. AGM Business

  4. Minutes of meeting held 24th January 2019 were approved

  5. Matters Arising

    JM reported that there has been no response from Peter Bate regarding the proposed re-routing of NCN 6 through St Albans.

  6. South West Herts Growth and Transport Plan

    OC Reported that the plan has been adopted.

    RB suggested that outside of residential areas most footways should be converted to shared use. NT said that there is no shortcut to the lengthy and involved legal process required. OC said that many candidate footways would not meet minimum width requirements and ignoring the requirements would create unacceptable legal liability. IG thought it was a shame that the same concern wasn't taken into account regarding official cycle paths that are well below minimum width due to lack of maintenance. RB emphasised that some of the rural footways get essentially zero pedestrian use and are safer for cyclists than the alternative of riding in the carriageway. For these reasons many cyclists use them anyway regardless of the rules.

  7. Local Transport Plan Delivery Program (LTPDP)

    JM referred to a report presenting the LTPDP to Cabinet. The report gave the top ten projects ranked in terms of priority by officers:

    1. Gilston - Sustainable Transport Corridor
    2. Watford Junction development transport infrastructure package
    3. Principle of Sustainable Travel Town
    4. MRN A414 Capacity Scheme (Watford to Hatfield)
    5. Abbey Line (passing loop)
    6. A414 Mass Rapid Transit
    7. Western Watford Sustainable Corridor (Former MLX)
    8. Eastern access to Hitchin station
    9. Hertford Bypass and Sustainable Travel Improvements
    10. St Albans to Maylands/Hemel Hempstead cycle route
  8. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) and Sustainable Travel Towns

    OC is continuing to work on the LCWIP for Watford and looking for sources of funding.

    RB reported on a recent Spokes meeting where about a dozen schemes for Watford were suggested. He was pleased with the works carried out at the Ebury roundabout.

    JM said that a St Albans City and District Council scrutiny committee unanimously approved a plan to install lighting on a section of the Alban Way. He would like St Albans to start working on an LCWIP.

    IG said that there are plenty of ideas for schemes in Welwyn Hatfield (for example WelHatCycling's Space for Cycling document). He will ask about an LCWIP for Welwyn Hatfield at the next WelHatCycling meeting.

    IG asked whether Sustainable Travel Town application packs are available yet. OC said she would ask Trevor Mason.

  9. School Streets

    JM asked whether School Streets initiatives would be welcome in Hertfordshire. A "School Street" according to this YouTube video is a road directly outside a school gate which is closed to motor vehicles during pick-up and drop-off times. OC said it is being discussed.

  10. Propensity to Cycle Tool

    JM asked whether County Council and/or local campaign groups are using the Propensity to Cycle tool, and whether a training session would be useful.

    OC said that that the council are using it in conjunction with other tools that local campaign groups would probably not have access to.

  11. Revision of Hertfordshire Cycling map

    NT said that Pindar have been looking at the Definitive Map and deciding which rights of way to include on the new Hertfordshie Cycling Map. Rights of way will be coloured purple if suitable for use all year round and lavender for fair weather use only. Orange routes will be removed and there will be new town maps of Royston and Bishops Stortford.

    NT proposed a meeting for members of local cycling groups to look at at large scale copy of the draft map and iron out any errors. It will be on either 30 April or 2 May at St Albans fire station from 18:00 to 21:00

  12. A414 Strategy Consultation

    IG reported that the CycleHerts/STACC response to the A414 Strategy Consultation is available here on the CycleHerts website.

  13. Reports on proposals, meetings and events

    IG mentioned the Sustainable Transport Event which was due to take place at Hatfield Station on 1 April but was postponed at short notice.

    RB went to a meeting of Transport for New Homes, the topic of which was "Lessons from the Netherlands: building for people not cars".

  14. Forthcoming meetings and events

    JM mentioned St Albans Sustfest market takeover on 19 May when there will be an opportunity to try various bikes and eBikes.

    RB said that Spokes and Sustrans will have a stall at Rickmansworth Festival which will be on 18 and 19 May.

  15. Finance, publicity and website

    Nothing to report

  16. Any other business


  17. Dates of future meetings in 2019