Minutes of meeting held Thursday 11th July 2019

Present: John Metcalf (STACC, Chair), Roger Bangs (Spokes, Deputy Chair), Ian Gregory (WelHatCycling, Secretary, Minutes), Steve Brazier (STACC), Nick Clarke (STACC), Nick Truran (HCC), Odette Carter (HCC), Robert Jones (CTC Stort Valley)

  1. Apologies for absence - Chris Whitehouse, Jon Crosby

  2. Introductions

  3. Minutes of meeting held 4th April 2019 were approved.

  4. Matters Arising

    NT reported that County Hall now have a number of Elephant Bikes which are being used by staff. Someone suggested that they be parked prominently outside County Hall as a way of publicising their use.

    IG reported that he had used the new secure bike storage unit at Hatfield Station. This required creating a ThamesLink account and ordering a Key Smartcard. There was still no sign of the public toolkits and pumps which were promised.

    NC reported that Graham Trent had written to Peter Bate about re-routing NCN6 through St Albans. Eventually he received a reply but it was not promising. RB thought we should try to get SADC to pressure Sustrans into adopting the idea. We agreed it would be a good idea to send a letter from CycleHerts saying we are all in support - Action JM. IG suggested looking at Strava data to see how many people are using the official NCN6 route compared to those already using the proposed alternative - Action NT.

    JM again questioned why little used rural footpaths such as the one along the A5183 from St Albans to Redbourne could not be designated for use by cyclists.

  5. Growth and Transport Plans

    The North Central Hertfordshire and South Central Hertfordshire GTPs will be the next to be developed.

  6. Local Transport Plan Delivery Program

    The Local Transport Plan Delivery Programme was presented at Cabinet on 15 April 2019. Section 7.1 is a list of the top ten projects the County Council will seek to enable or promote. They are:

    1. Gilston - Sustainable Travel Corridor
    2. Watford Junction development transport infrastructure package
    3. Principle of Sustainable Travel Town
    4. MRN A414 Capacity Scheme (Watford to Hatfield)
    5. Abbey Line (Passing Loop)
    6. A414 Mass Rapid Transit
    7. Western Watford Sustainable Corridor (Former MLX)
    8. Eastern Access to Hitchin Station
    9. Hertford Bypass and Sustainable Travel Improvements
    10. St Albans to Maylands/Hemel Hempstead cycle route

    RB is not happy with the Watford Junction development transport infrastructure package.

    OC said that DfT refused a funding request for the A414 Capacity Scheme

    OC said that HCC are claiming there is no business case for a passing loop on the Abbey Line. JM said that he had not been able to find the report.

    OC said there was a feasibility study for a cycle route along the A4147 and she could get a copy for us - Action OC

  7. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPS) and Sustainable Travel Towns

    OC said that Stevenage, Watford and Three Rivers are developing LCWIPS. It would make sense to include Bushy with Watford. North Herts District Council and Sawbridgeworth have been looking at it too.

    There was a discussion of which towns might apply to be Sustainable Travel Towns. Stevenage, Watford, Hertford and St Albans were mentioned.

  8. Welwyn Hatfield Green Corridor Stakeholder Workshop on 17 Jul

    IG said he was booked to attend and had been gathering suggestions for ideas to take there. Adam Edwards (WelHatCycling) said he wanted the Green Corridor to be seen as a chance to not only create leisure routes but also join up missing links (eg St Albans to WGC along the route of Coopers Green Lane). He also suggested his pet project of a "Beatrix Potter Way" from Mill Green to Stanborough. Another idea was for a safe crossing of the A414 to open up access to Essendon and the area East of Hatfield Park.

  9. School Streets and Healthy Streets

    Chapter 3 of London Cycling Design Standards is about Cycle Friendly Streets and Spaces

    OC has two colleagues who went on School Streets training but there are no specific plans to introduce any specific schemes.

    NT said that Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership has concerns about temporary closures (children may get used to a street being car-free and not behaving appropriately if they cycle or walk there outside the hours of operation).

  10. Propensity to Cycle Tool

    JM asked if there were any prospects for campaigners to receive training in the use of the Propensity to Cycle Tool. OC said that there are plenty of online tutorials.

  11. Revision of Hertfordshire Cycling Map

    NT is going next week to see Pindar and wants at least 2,500 copies of the new map to be available by 1 Sept. There have been nearly 200 revisions to the previous edition.

    JM said that a revision of the St Albans map should be available within a month and said that having a good map available is a great way to promote cycling. NT agreed and JM said that there is much more demand for town maps than for maps of specific routes like the Alban Way.

    NT said that other places that want their own map could potentially get it at half price with the other half paid by HCC - provided it is produced using Pindar.

  12. Future of Cyclenation

    JM said that Cyclenation is struggling. STACC has proposed that Cyclenation either try to work closely with Cycling UK or close down altogether. There seemed to be general support for this proposal.

  13. Reports on proposals, meetings and events

    Caroline Russell (Green Party national lead on transport) gave a well attended talk on Healthy Streets on 29 May. It was organised by STACC as part of SustFest19.

    St Albans councillors voted unanimously on 10 July to declare a climate emergency.

  14. Forthcoming meetings and events

    STACC have organised a meeting on 30 Sep at which Brian Deegan (co-author of the London Cycle Design Standards) will be speaking.

    IG will be attending the Welwyn Hatfield Green Corridor Stakeholder Workshop on 17 July.

    The Cycling and Society Annual Symposium will take place on 2-3 Sep in Chester.

  15. Finance, publicity and website

    Nothing to report

  16. Any other business

    Jon Crosby of South Herts Cyclists was not able to attend this meeting but he emailed beforehand to point out that Highways need to make a Side Roads Order to proceed with "improvements" to the A602 Ware Road and they are inviting views. Jon responded for South Herts Cyclists - see his letter. to which he had not yet received a reply. OC said she would chase this up - Action OC.

    NT said that the the police have pulled the plug on Operation Velo in Hertfordshire because "collision data does not support close passing schemes". He didn't know whether it would continue in Beds and Cambs. He said that people might like to write to the Police and Crime Comissioner (David Lloyd) about it - Action All.

    JM said there is a STACC cycle bus going to Bernard's Heath School and that the junior head is supportive.

  17. Dates of future meetings in 2019

    Thursday 10 October