Minutes of meeting held Thursday 10th October 2019

Present: John Metcalf (STACC, Chair), Roger Bangs (Spokes, Deputy Chair), Ian Gregory (WelHatCycling, Secretary, Minutes), Steve Brazier (STACC), Nick Truran (HCC), Robert Jones (CTC Stort Valley), Peter Jackson (Spokes), Jack Smith (Peter Brett), Katie Stannard (Peter Brett)

  1. Apologies for absence - Chris Whitehouse, Jon Crosby, Odette Carter, Rona Wightman, Graham Trent, Michael Melnyczuk, Nick Clark, Adam Edwards

  2. Introductions

  3. Presentation by Jack Smith and Katie Stannard

    Jack Smith and Katie Stannard are transport planners with Peter Brett, appointed by Endurance Estates in February 2019 to develop a cycle strategy for Elstree to Borehamwood. Endurance Estates are the promoters of land south of Allum Lane, Elstree, and would like to understand what role the location of the site could play in enabling wider improvements for sustainable modes, with an emphasis on cycling. This is a high level strategy which they have presented to Lindsay Lucas.

    Jack and Katie presented their April 2019 Cycling Strategy from Borehamwood and & Elstree to Elstree Village and useful discussions were had.

  4. Minutes of meeting held 11th July 2019 were approved.

  5. Matters Arising

    NT reported that Sustrans have agreed to re-routing NCN 6 through St Albans. If Graham Trent doesn't already know this he should be informed - Action JM.

    We agreed that CycleHerts should support Jon Crosby's comments on the Side Roads Order related to the "improvements" to the A602 Ware Road.

    NT said that he will continue to press the police to resume Operation Velo in Hertfordshire.

  6. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs)

    As well as Stevenage, Watford, Three Rivers and Sawbridgeworth mentioned in the minutes of the last meeting, NT said that things may be looking positive for a plan for St Albans.

  7. Sustainable Travel Towns

    Apparently Trevor Mason has said that there are five or six towns that have started the application process.

  8. Welwyn Hatfield Green Corridor Stakeholder Workshop

    IG attended this on 17th July but unfortunately had to leave early. He was able to submit a number of suggestions from Adam Edwards of WelHatCycling. A general comment was that utility, and not just leisure cycling should be considered. Suggestions included a safe route along the Coopers Green Lane corridor and a Mill Green to Stanborough "Beatrix Potter Way". IG has not seen any followup, we should try to find out what came of it - Action IG.

  9. Report by Nick Clarke on a Talk by Brian Deegan

    Brian Deegan gave a presentation at a very well attended STACC meeting on 30th September. The title was "Towards Creating a Community-led Cycle Network in ST Albans and Harpenden. Nick Clarke wrote this report.

    Brian had shown how his 12-step approach might look in Harpenden and JM said that he had started looking at how to apply it to St Albans. STACC will continue this work.

  10. Publication of Hertfordshire Cycling Map

    NT had brought along large copies for checking before the start of the meeting and one or two minor errors were spotted. He said that they are almost ready for printing and that there will be a scheme where developers will be able to buy them for a pound a copy to include in information packs for residents.

  11. Reports on Proposals, Events and Forthcoming Meetings

    RB and PJ went out with Odette Carter and three councillors for a 6.5 mile tour of Watford Town Centre to view locations of special interest for cyclists - here is their report.

    RB said that will be a Watford Cycle Forum meeting at 18:30 on 22nd October [venue?].

  12. Finance, Publicity and Website

    Nothing to report

  13. Any Other Business

    Someone called Lawrence Wragg had contacted CycleHerts about the potential for a cycle way along the route of the disused railway from St Margarets to Buntingford. RJ knows the area well and said that although some sections could work, others would be difficult or impossible and that for much of it there are better alternatives along quiet roads.

    IG mentioned that HCC now has a rights of way layer for Google Maps which can be accessed here on the HCC website.

    IG commented that people are coming on WelHatCycling rides after seeing them publicised on the Let's Ride website. PJ said that the Let's Ride IT system has problems that need to be addressed.

    Jon Crosby had sent in some comments on eBikes which were discussed briefly. There are pros and cons and differing opinions on the balance between them.

  14. Dates of 2020 CycleHerts Meetings

    It was agreed to stick with meetings at 19:30 on Thursdays. IG will circulate some suggestions for dates - Action IG