Minutes of meeting held Thursday 16th January 2020

Present: John Metcalf (STACC, Chair), Roger Bangs (Spokes, Deputy Chair), Ian Gregory (WelHatCycling, Secretary, Minutes), Nick Truran (HCC), Robert Jones (CTC Stort Valley), Odette Carter (HCC), Graham Phillips (Spokes), Chris Whitehouse (Treasurer, WelHatCycling), Tina Walker (Cycling UK Stevenage)

  1. Apologies for Absence - Nick Clarke, Steve Brazier, John Crosby, Michael Melnyczuk

    Michael Melnyczuk suggested that he or someone else from Sustrans could give a talk at our next meeting on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets - it was agreed that we should take him up on the offer - Action IG

  2. Kristin Ferma was unable to attend so OC stepped in to talk about Buncefield Lane Quietway. HCC has consulted on Phase 1 of the proposal, a signalised crossing of Breakspear Way. We were invited to give our thoughts on what the quietway should look like. Good signage was considered to be important, particularly signs painted on the ground. Lighting was thought to be desirable and ideally the quietway should be closed to motorised through traffic (NT suggested that electric delivery scooters should be exempt). OC also asked about cycle parking, but until the new housing developments are built there was no obvious need for cycle parking, other than at the petrol stations next to the Breakspear Way crossing so people can leave bikes to go in for drinks etc.

  3. Minutes of meeting held 10th October 2019 were approved.

  4. Matters Arising

    CycleHerts objection to A602 Side Roads Order has been withdrawn in response to agreement being reached on acceptable cycling infrastructure.

    Sustrans seems to have agreed to re-routing of NCN 6 through St Albans but how will this actually be progressed? Nick Truran to follow up - Action NT

    Improving Cycling in Elstree and Borehamwood Event on 17 Jan has been postponed. NT said that this was due to a by-election. IG will keep people informed if he hears about a rescheduled event.

    IG got a response to his email about the outcome of the Welwyn Hatfield Green Corridor Stakeholder Workshop he attended on 17 Jul. Simon Chivers (WHC) said that before Christmas they were concentrating on the route of the Green Corridor through the Birchall area to support the Local Plan process. They have yet to assess the revised draft masterplan and supporting draft document. The revised masterplan is intended to take account of comments and suggestions raised at the workshop and will go out for public consultation later this year. Simon said that the workshop was helpful and attendees will be notified in advance of the consultation.

    The A414 Corridor Strategy was approved in November 2019.

  5. South Central Hertfordshire Growth and Transport Plan

    JM emailed the CycleHerts list with a suggestion of how the workload involved in responding to this consultation should be shared between CycleHerts member groups. There are 36 packages altogether and the idea is that member groups take the lead on packages in their patch. For packages where it is not clear which group should take the lead it is shared. Here is JM's suggested allocation - Action All

    CW has been in contact with HCC Cllr Susie Gordon (Hatfield East) about development of cycling infrastructure along bishops rise. This is covered in Package 3 of the plan.

    It was suggested that we invite an HCC councillor with an interest in transport to the next CycleHerts meeting on 23 Apr but it was pointed out that this is just 2 weeks before the local government elections so councillors would not be able to speak freely.

    RB said that the HCC "Cycling Champion" should be coming to CycleHerts meetings. NT said that the closest we have to a Cycling Champion is Cllr David Andrews, who has not been to a meeting for some time [David Andrews has attended 4 CycleHerts meetings, the last one being in Feb 2018].

    JM said that we should look at what is missing from the plan (for example a coherent cycle network for St Albans).

  6. North Central Hertfordshire Growth and Transport Plan

    TW said that Stevenage and North Herts CTC has now officially become Cycling UK Stevenage and that there are realistically only two people in the group to look at the North Central Plan.

    NT said that the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign will also be looking at the plan.

  7. Speed Management Strategy

    OC said she will look at what is happening - Action OC

  8. Cycling Design Guidance

    OC said that the review of Roads in Hertfordshire keeps getting delayed and that the revised document may not be available until after new national guidance for cycling infrastructure is released.

  9. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) - Progress

    OC reported that the Stevenage LCWIP has been adopted and that work on a plan for Watford and Three Rivers is ongoing.

  10. Sustainable Travel Towns - Progress

    Lindsey Day is the HCC officer in charge of Sustainable Travel Towns. Bidding is still open.

  11. Greenspace Action Plans - Progress

    CW reported that the Cole Green Way is very muddy in places, partly as a result of recent tree work. He received an email from Andrew Taylor (HCC Environment Section) saying that the section between Hertingfordbury and East End Green has been resurfaced and that they hope to resurface the remainder this year.

  12. Hertfordshire Cycling Map

    NT reported that the map has been printed and is going out to schools, cycle hubs, libraries etc. He is already working on the next edition and mentioned a partnership with What Three Words.

    IG reported that WelHatCycling has run out of copies of the popular Welwyn Hatfield Activity map but has an opportunity to obtain funding for a reprint. Roger Moulding talked to Stephen Wragg, who is happy to update and re-print, but wants to get approval from someone at HCC as it is technically their map (although copyright lives with him). Roger has yet to hear back from Stephen.

  13. Events and Meetings

    RB said that Spokes are having a Cycle Forum in February but have not yet fixed a date.

    Rickmansworth Festival will be on 16 and 17 May

    St Albans Sustainability Festival will be from 23 May to 7 Jun. NT reported that a TTRO has been obtained in order to close the road for the Market Takeover on 24 May.

  14. Finance, Publicity and Website

    CW reported that we have £79.67 in the bank.

  15. Any Other Business

    RB gave a presentation on a ride around Watford with some local councillors that had been organised by Spokes. The ride took in the good the bad and the ugly in cycling infrastructure and largely followed a route which has potential to become a "Green Ring" like the one in St Albans.

  16. Dates of meetings in 2020

    All on Thursdays, 19:30 at St Albans Fire Station