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Ownership of Cycle Routes

Route Body Responsible for Maintenance
Verulamium Park routes, St Albans SADC are the owner and as such have allowed cycling, however, HCC maintain the public rights of way as the highway authority
Jersey Lane St Albans HCC as highway authority for the tarmac bits, the rest is rights of way
Alban Way SADC and WHDC within each district as the path is not part of the rights of way network
St Albans to Harpenden (parallel to carriageway) HCC as highway authority
Nickey Line SADC and DBC within each district as the path is not a public right of way
London Road (Grosvenor Road to LC roundabout) HCC as highway authority
Cross Lane (Harpenden) HCC as highway authority
A414 (LC roundabout to Hatfield) HCC as highway authority
Clarence Park SADC
Bernards Heath NCN6 SADC
Greenwood Park NCN6 HCC and St Stephen PC
Camp cycle route and spinney SADC main route. HCC where the path crosses roads
Highfield Park SADC main route. HCC where the path crosses roads
Napsbury: North cottages to Shenley lane Private ownership. No official public right of way.
Longacres Section across playing field SADC
Ayot Greenway HCC Rural Estates
NCN 57 Leasey Bridge to NCN6 and on to the county boundary. Leasey Bridge to eastern edge of Harpenden HCC as this is a Bridleway. Section through Hapenden is SADC. Section from northern edge of Harpenden to County Boundary HCC and Sustrans.
Cole Green Way HCC Rural Estates
Ebury Way Mixed ownership. None of the route is a public highway or official right of way. Main owners, HCC, Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council.
River Towpaths e.g River Lea Canals and River Trust